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FEATURES Both the amp modeling and the amp capturing technology. Save your guitar sounds in 4 kHz, 16-bit audio. Get the sound of your favorite guitar amp, even if that amp has been replaced, discontinued or never existed. From a vintage amp to a famous one, just imagine the sound of a famous amp, such as Marshall, Fender, Vox, etc. All the sounds have been recorded at the factory and digitally recreated by an amp modeler. If you are interested in a certain model and don’t know the exact model number or the type of guitar you play, our amp capturing technology will tell you. Pick a model of your favorite guitar amplifier and hear its sound just like you played it on stage. Take your studio to the studio, take your tour to the tour, take your home to the home, take your team to the team and take your other amp to the other amp. Let your guitar amp be your new guitar amp. All the settings you can adjust are on your iPhone or Android phone: power, volume, reverb, delay, tone, etc. As a professional recording studio user, you can take your guitar, bass or other amp models for free and download them and play them for yourself and test them for free. With this app, you can download your guitar amp models and play them for free. Play guitar without using amps. It is as simple as that. No additional hardware is required. You can use your guitar with no additional hardware or cables. You can experiment with different tones in real time with no additional hardware or cables. You can play guitar with your favorite chords and guitar scales. Just press the chords you want to play and play

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